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"MED SUN & SEA" Project description

The Mediterranean Sea was in age to age birthplace and home to many civilizations, to the point that nowhere else in the world appears from this point of view it is comparable.
Among these civilizations, whose relations were in many cases meeting and collaboration, but in many other of fierce clashes and even deadly conflicts, an exceptionally important place does the relationship that existed between Sicily and Malta, since the Neolithic times when Malta was reached and populated by people who came from the coast of Sicily.
The two islands in later ages have lived the ordinary events caused by the Phoenicians to the Greeks and Romans, Byzantines Arabs and Normans, Swabia’s, Angevins and Spaniards, to name only the most remote and even natural events like the earthquake of 1693 and the tsunami wave in 1908 were common occurrences, even harmful.
All this has helped to draw a line of continuity in endemic features of the two territories is under the naturalistic but also cultural and artistic expression and ways of life.
The "fil rouge" joining these two Mediterranean areas reaches the country that has always been the turning point for these cultures and civilizations, Albania.
The roots of Albania blend with Illiria, ancient Greece and Roman history, and many of the ruins of the country mirror these civilizations as shown by the Butrint sites "The City Museum", Argirocastrao "The Stone City" and Berat "La city ??of one thousand and one overlapping windows ", which are declared World Heritage sites and are protected by UNESCO.
International interest underscores how Albania is a country with great potential, natural beauty, architectural and historical footprint.
Tourism is witnessed by more than 4 million visitors, with an annual increase of more than 20%.In Albania, the aspects of civilizations and lifestyles of the peoples of the Mediterranean coexist, and with its 470 kilometers of coastline, it connects significantly to the Mediterranean area.
In these reports occurred in prehistoric times, the European Union has given particular attention by funding volumes published Officina Saudi Palermo that illustrates the steps.
The events in recent times have drawn political and social different routes, but today, in the era of globalization, the common features of the origins retrain the similarities rather than the differences.
The proposal
In this light, it is inspired by some occasions to define a project that puts the Mediterranean at the center for a wide audience eager for relaxation, stimulating and healthy and, also, to offer any possibility of having a permanent residence meets the demands of life at the highest level.
Opportunities are provided by the opportunity to acquire, restructure, re-program and integrate with a single "common thread" six complexes, such as:

  • Kamarina Village, in the province of Ragusa, Sicily, Italy;
  • Balluta Building, Valletta – Malta;
  • Medical center "Provita" of Enna, Sicily, Italy;
  • Former headquarters Venice Casino in Malta.
  • Agriturismo Princess Victory
  • Resort “Lumturi”, Lalzi Bay – Albania
  • Resort “Bukuri”, Saranda – Albania
  • Hotel & Residence Tirana, as a Mediterranean door to the Balkans
  • Helicopter Services for connection of structures

NB: There may be changes in the structures indicated for the lack of their availability. In this case they will be replaced with others of similar interest and value in order not to change the nature and level of the Project.
Their geography is placed in a central position as shown in the chart on the following page.The project named “Med Sun & Sea” provides that the three structures are reorganized and upgraded to offer a set of integrated services of high level.
International air links from the airports of:
Valletta, Malta: Second in Best European Airport Award
Comiso, 20 Kilometers from Kamarina with direct flights to Milan, Rome and Pisa, to get all international destinations.
Tirana Airport
Connections by sea: ferries from Pozzallo (Sicily) at 50 Km from Kamarina, and Valletta (Malta)
Links with Private Helicopters Service directly managed the “Med Sun & Sea” for each European destination and the Middle East.
The project is aimed at an international clientele with VIP offer of accommodation and high quality services, integrated both at the structural level, both at the organizational level.
“Med Sun & Sea” is aimed primarily, but not limited to:
A customer "senior" that aims to level stays organized with opportunities to play sports and participate in individual or collective initiatives in the cultural and tourism sector.
A customer "family" who appreciates the services available to young people for their mental and physical training and socializing.
Customers "young couples" who intend to start a life together or have experiences re-qualifying their relationship.
A customer who wishes to spend much of the time in the solar atmosphere, with a mild climate even in the winter months and that may even wish to live on land.
A customer who must recover well-being and health with the continued assistance of doctors and a top of-the-art therapies.
The integration of the three areas and related services allows you to vary your stay, make the same even on a permanent basis and allows us to offer a wide variety of opportunities.
In this respect they appear to be significantly relevant offers from Long debit services and medical care for long-stay patients that the “Med Sun & Sea” program studied appropriately.
The pictures of the services that will be offered are as follows:
Structural Services

  • Hotel services 5 Star with the transformation of Balluta Building
  • Holiday park Services 5-star and long-term residence with the change of Kamarina VillageLong-term care facilities and rehabilitation hospital with the creation of Provita Centermanagement services
  • Two Resorts five star in Albania (north and south) with hotels and villas, Golf 9 holes, Talassotherapie and SPA centers, Sport centers (horse, swimming pools, sailing, tennis, children center and dog land). The Resorts are equipped for international congresses and meetings.
  • Interaction between the three structures to integrate tourist and residential servants with the well-being and psycho-physical recovery: transfers are possible between the different structures, managed autonomously by the organization.
  • Yield availability of cultural and entertaining environments, wellness and shopping that help you enjoy the facilities and offerings in an organized manner or independently
  • Organization of visits to places and Mediterranean environments and organization of cruises for the entire Mediterranean area, with cultural, artistic and historical.
  • Hospitalization, medical care and ongoing support and services "day hospital".
  • Helicopter Services for connection Network in and out.

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