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"Consortium TDR", in one with the associated "Financial Group Ltd", has developed an intervention program for refugees who have fled the conflict areas. International estimates indicate two to four million people involved, mainly children and women.
The program called "Humanitarian Program for Iraq - HPI-1" represents a standard model of reconstruction after a conflict that can be repeated several times according to the needs of the country, but with different architectural features and adaptable to the different locations concerned.
The model is based on the construction of an area that can accommodate about 30,000 inhabitants.
The "new city" will be composed of civil dwellings and completed with infrastructures, energy (also alternative), shopping center, religious center, schools, hospitals, administrative buildings and any other structure that allows a standard of living adequate to the needs of a close tenor of life.
"Consortium TDR" has developed the program by implementing new construction technologies based on "self-supporting panels" that allow building up to three floors without using special lifting equipment and using local labor after a short period of training.
The buildings will be earthquake-proof at level 1) and with structural features similar to those in reinforced concrete.
At the base of the program, "Consortium TDR has placed technology transfer in the country, so that, in the future, it can be autonomous in the development of future interventions.
For this reason, the first act envisaged by the "Consortium TDR" will be to build a "self-supporting panel" production plant in the affected area.
The program can be started as soon as this unit is ready: a period of six months is expected, a period that will also be used for the training of technicians and labor.
Despite this start-up time, the overall construction times, with the use of this technology, are reduced by about 40% compared to standard interventions, as well as the costs of the works, including the production unit.
The financial aspects must be guaranteed by the local authorities or by anyone who intends to finance the humanitarian program.
The financial aspects will be taken into consideration, for "Consortium TDR by the associated" Financial Group Ltd ".
Local authorities must ensure the safety of construction sites and facilitate the importation of machinery and materials.

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