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"Financial Group Ltd" has developed two own project lines in collaboration with "Consortium TDR".
The two projects will be subject to evaluation by international financial and economic organizations, for the purposes of funding or their direct participation.
The realization of the projects will be entrusted to the "Consortium TDR" which will intervene with the associated companies or making use of third-party companies reported by the credit institutions, provided that they meet the correct economic, technical and organizational requirements.

The two current project lines are the following.

1. "MED SUN & SEA" program

It involves the construction of a high-level tourist and wellness network (five-star and beyond) in various Mediterranean countries.
The program includes various development phases:

The first, called "MED SUN & SEA - Project One", has already been defined, while a specific program will be prepared for the following phases.
The purpose of the initiative is to create a network in which the use of infrastructures and services is truly integrated and interacts both nationally and internationally, with completely original methods compared to current models.
The realization of fast transports with helicopter companies will allow, in addition to connections to and from the outside, also the interaction between the various structures that will then be used as a "unique".
The program will have a significant positive impact on economic progress and high-level employment in the areas concerned.

2. "Humanitarian Program for Iraq - HPI-1"

It involves a series of initiatives aimed at resolving, at least in part, the serious existential and social problems of the Iraqi people, involved in a conflict that has caused between two and four million refugees and the destruction of entire communities.
The program called "HPI-1" foresees the construction of a city of about thirty thousand inhabitants, complete with infrastructures and services, which represents a model that can be repeated in various areas, based on the needs of the State.
Of course, this is not a simple reconstruction operation, according to normal procedures, but an intervention specifically designed to meet earthquake safety needs (Iraq is a country at risk for this aspect), the urgency of the intervention, the cost-effectiveness of the works for the best use of the resources and, finally, the transfer of technologies and operational skills necessary to increase the autonomy of the country in the civil, infrastructural and industrial building sector.
The program also includes assistance for starting activities that require skills that are not adequately present in the area with international "twinning" systems and through "telematic systems", such as for medicine.

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