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The "HPI-I" project was conceived by "Consortium TDR", an association of Italian companies (over thirty) that involves every type of structure (houses, infrastructures, commercial, industrial and management centers, subways, airports, dams , hotels, schools, hospitals, pipelines, etc.)
The project was designed to provide "turnkey" services and services to developing countries as consortium companies cover every need from urban planning to architectural design, from construction to energy production, from finishing to furnishing, from basic facilities for the supply of facilities and equipment for every need of the population, including health.
"Consortium TDR" works with its own advanced technologies that it transfers to the country in which it operates through local joint ventures, in order to guarantee the real and autonomous future growth of the country.
"Consortium TDR" activates the intervention of public and private bodies to support the financing of the works so as not to burden the population, facilitating also all those who are willing to support humanitarian actions and the development of civil societies.

The "Save de Childred" association has estimated that the displacement of the Iraqi population in recent years has affected about 2 million and 400,000 people who fled to Syria, about 400,000 in Jordan and hundreds of thousands scattered between Egypt and Lebanon and another 2 million moved to inside Iraq in the "safe" provinces: undoubtedly the most impressive exodus that has hit the Middle East since 1948.

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