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The program foresees the creation of a high-level tourist network in the Mediterranean Sea.
It will consist of tourist centers in selected locations among the most "glamorous", which will become part of an integrated and multi-functional chain.
The integration will be at a functional level, with the organization and the interacting activities, both at a structural level, by sea, pleasure craft and cruise, and by air with a fleet of helicopters that will also allow rapid connections with national and international airports and naturally between the different sites of the network.
The implementation of the program involves the acquisition of hotels and resorts that will be re-qualified to five-star and, in some cases, seven-star hotels.
The program involves all the countries bordering the Mediterranean that guarantee positive social situations and will be implemented for Phases in consideration of the fact that the program has a broad structural, organizational and financial scope.

The first phase includes a start-up network that includes offices in Sicily (IT), Malta, Albania, Morocco and Spain. The program planned for this phase is presented in the "Documentation" section.
The second phase, which will focus on France, Cyprus and Turkey, is scheduled later.

Other phases will follow and affect other countries when the first two phases are completed.

The program will be funded by major financial companies with long-term soft loans or with their direct participation.
With the implementation of the first phase, which costs 5 billion euros, the base company will be expanded with the participation of new partners to allow the development of the future program through new resources.
Persons and organizations interested in participating can report their interest and acquire a right of first refusal on the future good by paying "booking commissions" to which the proportional shares of the company will refer, based on the value that will be given to the final structure.

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