Financoial Group LTD 3

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"Financial Group Ltd" is a financial company that independently develops and in association with "Consortium TDR", plans and financial interventions in collaboration with banks, financial institutions and private capital, aimed at carrying out civil, industrial and commercial construction projects. tourist, hospital, with technological infrastructures and services in the sectors of energy, security, telecommunications, agriculture, drinking water and automation.

"CONSORTIUM TDR" is a group of Italian companies organized to meet the growth needs of developing countries or in countries with government programs of broad social value.

"CONSORTIUM TDR" is made up of companies and professional offices that are brought together by choosing the best international technical resources, based on the activities carried out, to provide the customer with the best technical and economic performances.

"CONSORTIUM TDR" works with EPC Contracts for all types of civil and industrial buildings and infrastructures, applying new technologies, supplying systems and systems for energy, safety, satellite control and also developing industrialization processes in all economic sectors and also for agriculture and food.

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