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The areas that are part of the project will be connected with the rest of the world as follows:

International air connections from the airports of:

  • Valletta, Malta: second prize as the best European airport
  • Comiso, 20 kilometers from Kamarina with direct flights to Milan, Rome and Pisa, to get all international destinations.
  • Tirana airport
  • Malaga airport
  • Airports of Casablanca, Agadir

Sea connections with:

  • Ferries from Pozzallo (Sicily) and Valletta (Malta)
  • Private vessels for pleasure navigation
  • Vessels for Med SUN & SEA cruises
  • General Cruise Services

A helicopter service owned by the "MED SUN & SEA" Program will directly manage every European and Middle East connection, as well as connections between the various areas of the Sun & Sea MED Network

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