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The project is aimed at an international clientele with an offer of VIP accommodation and high quality services, integrated both at a structural and organizational level.

"Med Sun & Sea" is aimed primarily, but not limited to:

  • "Senior" customers who aim to integrate organized stays with opportunities to practice sports and participate in individual or collective initiatives in the cultural and tourist sector.
  • "Family" customers who appreciate the services dedicated to young people to enjoy autonomously aspects of their cultural, sporting and social formation.
  • "Couples" Clients who intend to start a life together or have experiences to qualify or retrain their relationship in an idyllic and stimulating environment.
  • "Healthy, Convalescent, Non-autonomous" customers who need to recover their well-being and functionality or who need ongoing assistance with qualified medical support and cutting-edge therapies.
  • "Retired to private life" Customers who wish to live their mature age in a comfortable, stimulating and protected environment.
  • "Business" customers who find every facility in the Network complexes for business meetings, conventions and congresses and can also carry out current working activities in the holiday area.

The integration of areas and services makes it possible to vary the stay and the places visited, offering a wide variety of opportunities that can also be used in the same period as a whole thanks to the connection services between the various situations.

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