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Financial services

"Financial Group Ltd" provides all the services of a financial attractiveness managed by a wide range of companies including: credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, accounting companies, financial companies, stock brokers , investment funds and professional managers. Financial services companies are present in all economically developed geographical locations and tend to be grouped into local, national, regional and international financial centers such as London, New York, Tokyo and China.

Commercial banking services

Keep money safe
Issue of check books
Provide personal loans and commercial loans
Issuance of credit cards
Debit card issuance
Electronic funds transfers
Direct debits

Investment banking services

Financial market services
Brokerage services
Private bank (New York City and London are the major centers of investment banking services)
Exchange services
Investment services

Other financial services

Investment services

"Investment management" is the term generally used to describe companies that manage collective investment funds. It also refers to services provided by others, generally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as Registered Advisors Investment.
Investment banking financial services focus on creating capital through customer investments.
Management of hedge funds: Hedge funds often use the services of prime brokerage divisions at the major investment banks to carry out their operations.
Custody services: custody and processing of global securities transactions and maintenance of associated portfolios. New York City is the largest investment services center, followed by London.


  • Insurance brokers
  • Subscription insurance
  • Finance and insurance
  • Reinsurance

Financial exports

A financial export is a financial service provided by a domestic company (regardless of ownership) to a company or a foreign person. While financial services such as banking, insurance and investment management are often seen as a domestic service, a growing percentage of financial services is now managed abroad, in other financial centers

Research and development

  • Future and emerging technologies
  • Collaborative research to open new fields of innovation
  • Marie Curie Training and Career Actions
  • Infrastructure (including electronic infrastructure)
  • Industrial competitiveness
  • Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies
  • Access to risk finance and risk capital
  • Innovation in SMEs
  • Safe societies: health, demographic change and well-being
  • Food security, sustainable agriculture and maritime
  • Safe, clean and efficient energy
  • Intelligent, green and integrated transport
  • Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials
  • Europe in a world that changes innovative societies

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