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HPI-1 Project


The TDR CONSTRAITS together with an American company has developed a program of intervention in favor of refugees who have escaped from the conflict areas. International estimates indicate more than two million people involved, mainly children and women.
The role of the American partner is financial to cover all the foreseen expenses, while that of the TDR Consortium is to build at a price and in a reduced time to the extent in both cases of fifty percent, while maintaining the quality at the highest level of international standards.
These results are possible for the advanced technologies chosen by the TDR Consortium, technologies that guarantee, among other things, the seismic type at level 1, which is important for the areas affected by the intervention and which present critical fault.
Although the program is of great structural and financial importance, it can not be a solution to the existing problem, which is too vast and requires extensive international measures. However, the approach studied by the TDR Consortium is to create a model of intervention with this initiative, creating through local joint ventures, an operational and organizational action capacity that will work on the territory in future years, with methods and technologies transferred.
For this reason, in addition to the technologies, the centers of production of special products (self-supporting panels) that are at the base of the innovative construction technology will be transferred and organized.

Local authorities will not be burdened by the costs for the HPI-1 program, but will be called upon to support construction sites by ensuring their safety by accelerating the import practices of machinery and materials. At the end of the works, the artifacts will be owned by the local authorities that can assign them to the most needy.
The procedure to follow for this type of intervention is as follows:
Definition of lines of intervention with indication of structures and costs
Drafting of a contract between Consortium TDR and local Authorities that regulate the operational building passages and the checks on the progress of the works.
Drafting of a collaboration agreement between the Lender and Consortium TDR that defines the amount and disbursement of loans and the issue of counter-guarantees by Consortium TDR.
Presentation of the program to the US Government for approval regarding the allocation of funds.

Preparation of the bank relationships necessary for the management of the funds, in connection with the progress of the works.

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